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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fly Tying Classes

The Hokendauqua Chapter of Trout Unlimited is starting their annual fly tying classes. This is an eight week course targeted at beginners and features two fly patterns a week. There are some minimal costs involved, but materials are furnished by the organization.

More details after the jump.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Home made yarn indicators.

Bobber-style indicators, such as the Thingamabobber, are nice but can be expensive. Yarn indicators are quick and easy to make durable, land softer and can be almost as buoyant.

Simply wrapping poly yarn with thread can be done in under a minute to yield a simple, and effective, indicator. Best off, they're free and can be customized in any colour you want.

Instructions after the jump...

Seasons greetings, and other assorted things.

Seasons greetings from the Monocacy Chapter of Trout Unlimited. As 2010 draws to a close, we can reflect on some of the things coming up in the near future.

Most importantly, is the real beginning use of the website as a portal to keep people abreast of what's happening within the Monocacy Chapter, and to help get people interested in what Trout Unlimited can bring to you. 

First and foremost is the ability to bring members who are unable to attend the meetings an idea of the discussions that have taken place, and a general idea of the way in which the organization is moving. Hopefully, you're inspired by the steps taken, and can find the time to come down and meet face to face.

Perhaps you're not a current member, but you have an interest in what's happening? One of the benefits is to be able to give information about upcoming presentations and programs that the Monocacy Chapter is planning. We should have a full schedule set for the coming year in early January, and can provide additional updates and minor presentation information right here. 

Additionally,  several members have expressed interest in sharing some local knowledge or specific information in a series on online presentations and articles. Hopefully, by sharing this knowledge, we can interest people to take an active interest in TU and the conservation of the unique limestone creek that runs through the heart of our urban environment, and you'll be inspired enough to come to an open meeting, make your voice heard and throw in your support for the continued prosperity of the health on the Monocacy Creek, and all our unique Lehigh Valley water and greenways, into 2011 and beyond.

Remember, the 2011 PA fishing lisences are available now and any new lisence purchased in December of 2010 will not expire until January 1st of 2012.  Also, for convienence sake, lisences are available for direct purchase over the Internet and can be printed on your home printer from the PFBC via The Outdoor Shop, and there is no additional cost for this option. Remember, a Trout stamp is required to fish the Monocacy Creek and any other trout water in Pennsylvania. 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Little Lehigh Fly Shop closing.

Unfortunatly, Rod Rohrbach of the Little Lehigh Fly Shop is closing up his fly shop.

According to the information at his website,, Rod's reducing his business days to Friday through Monday, and as of December 20th will close permanently. The LLFS opened in 1993, and Rod and the store has been a part of the Heritage section of the Little Lehigh, and many flyfishers' lives since then.

Friday, November 26, 2010

November 23rd meeting followup.

Greg Malaska, the new NEPA regional vice president of Trout Unlimited was our guest. Mr. Malaska also holds the positions of PA Membership Chair and Western Pocono Chapter President.

Mr. Malaska went on to discuss some of the agenda put forth by State Council, including Leadership and Fundraising training opportunities. Interested parties should speak with chapter president Steve Vanya. He also discussed chapter participation in state council meetings and seminars. Additional discussions were held on a Monocacy Membership committee, and the involvement of local educational resources in our work, with the suggestion of trying to engage both Lehigh University and Moravian College.

Chapter business included discussion of the questions regarding State Council By Laws change announcements. It has been clarified that the intent was not to change local By Laws that are working, but help address new issues by some chapters.

Erik Brosike summarized the current state of dam removal on Monocacy Creek. It has been noted there are six dams between the mouth at the Lehigh River and the start of the Gertrude Fox Conservation Area. We have been working with the City of Bethlehem to address the removal of the dam in  historic section of Bethlehem. Also brought forth was the idea that TU is assisting in the placement of diesease-resistant elm trees, and that discussions with the city arborist would take place to help further enhance this section of stream and increase riparian buffer.

Jeff Schaffer is working on programs and presentations for the next year. He's currently organizing presenter swaps with other local chapters, in which one of our members will speak at their meeting and in return a reciprocal event would take place for our members. Events are being finalized, and should begin in the meetings for the new year.

Gary Fenstermacher presented the opening version of website for discussion. Possibilities for future use were discussed, with ideas put forth to help raise awareness of TU and the Monocacy Chapter's focus on conservation and preservation of the Monocacy watershed in addition to informative articles on the larger aspects of fishing and regional, and national, conservation. At This time, Mr. Fenstermacher will serve in the role of site administrator, and any articles, information, or calendar events should be forwarded through President Vanya, Vice President Burger, or Treasurer Diehl. A request for relevant information, photos, stories and input has been put forth to try and make this a website that will grow with our chapter.

Erik Brosike put forth a brief presentation on the use of Kool Aide drink mix to dye materials for fishing lure manufacture. Examples were shown of natural and synthetic materials died in such a way.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 23rd meeting announced.

We will be meeting Tuesday, November 23rd at the Daughters of the American Revolution House on Eighth Avenue, Bethlehem, at 7pm.

Greg Malaska, PATU's newly appointed North Eastern Regional Vice President will be attending this month's meeting to familarize himself with our chapter, current projects and goals, and help foster a stronger partnership with State Council. Please do attend, and make your voices heard.


This is the first posted announcement to the Monocacy Creek Trout Unlimited website.
We hope to be able to facilitate and foster better communication between the very diverse membership, and encourage a voice to those who cannot normally attend the monthly meetings.

Please, take advantage of the comment section to provide feedback as to what services and information you'd like presented through this vehicle in the future. The desire to have an online prescence is to better serve the membership base, as not everyone is able to attend the monthly meetings.

Let us know if there's programs you'd like to see made, speakers or clinics that perhaps could be encouraged or perhaps you have an idea that you'd like to share with everyone. This blog is only the first step towards setting up an effective, and new, avenue of communication between the board, the membership, and even the public.

Please let us know what we can do to help you going forward. We'd like to transform ourselves into a dynamic, active club with a robust and active membership, and we'd like to help serve you while protecting the Monocacy Creek watershed and its unique resources.