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Monocacy Creek is a limestone creek (one of only 56 in the state) in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Its headwaters are composed of two branches that start in Chapman, and wind their way for 20.3 miles to their confluence point with the Lehigh River at Sand Island, Bethlehem. The Monocacy Creek watershed encompasses approximately 48.8 square miles, and is classified as a "High Quality Coldwater Fishery" by the Pennsylvania Department of Enviromental Protection. Monocacy Creek also hosts a 1.9 mile stretch of water classified as Trophy Trout Water by the PFBC, granted in 1988.

Monocacy Creek is named for the Shawnee Indian word "monnockkesey," alternately translated as "crooked river" or "river with many bends."

The Monocacy Chapter of Trout Unlimited has been in “modern day” existence since 1985, although the chapter did function as far back as the 1970s. Our goals are to uphold the philosophy of Trout Unlimited and pursue the protection and enhancement of the Monocacy Creek.  Over the years we have secured Adopt-A-Stream status for portions of the creek in co-op with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. In the past we have assisted  Wildlands Conservancy and the PFBC in implementing stream improvement and riparian buffer projects. Our goal is to educate others to the importance and uniqueness of our Valley’s cold water fisheries and advocate for their protection.  

A prime belief of Trout Unlimited, held by people at all levels of its membership is "if we take care of the fish, then the fishing will take care of itself." With this in mind, the devotion of Trout Unlimited is to preserve the habitat for the fish, and to encourage healthy managment of fishing stocks for continued recreation.

The core mission statement for the Pennsylvania State Council of Trout Unlimited is simple enoug "to conserve, protect, restore and sustain Pennsylvania's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds, especially our wild trout resource." PATROUT has more than 50 local chapters, and represents over 12,000 members and traces its start to 1963, a much humbler time of only three chapters.

Trout Unlimited was first formed in 1959 in Michigan, along the banks of the Au Sable River, and celebrated its 50th anniversary in July, 2009. Trout Unlimited is a 501c national non-profit organizaton dedicated to the preservation of cold water streams, rivers, and upland habitats for trout, salmon, and other associated species. 

A list of past and current projects involving Monocacy TU:
  • July 2000-  Tributary to Monocacy Creek Stream Restoration undertaken by Wildlands Conservancy with assistance from Monocacy TU. Report from Wildlands Project Summary
  • May 2001-  Stream Restoration upstream of Rt 512- Restoration undertaken by Wildlands Conservancy with assistance from Monocacy TU. Report from Wildlands Project Summary
  • Dec 2002-  Stream Restoration in Lower Nazareth-  This was not a project TU was involved in, but highlights the type of work that could be done on other stream sections. Project Summary
  • Sept 2013- Lowhead dam removal in Johnson Park, located in the City of Bethlehem.
In addition tho these bigger projects, members also participate in yearly stream cleanups, assisting schools with educational opportunities, and advocating for conservation.

Future projects that are being considered/researched:
  • Low-head dam removal
  • Monitoring residential/commercial development within the watershed
  • Further stream/ riparian buffer restoration 
  • Beginner fly fishing instruction