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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Is your local stream a little low? Bushkill Creek says "Hold my Beer"

This morning, October 15th 2020, the water on Bushkill Creek was once again slowed to a mere trickle when pumps at Buzzi Unicem quarry turned off  for maintenance on an electrical transformer.  The planned shut down was slated to last 4 hrs, starting at 8am.  The pictures below show the effects on the stream in the town of Tatamy, from roughly 9:45 - 12:45pm.  During that time, the water flow went from low to basically 0.  A number of trout from fingerling size to over 12" were observed, and all were struggling in the few pools that had any water.  Numerous other small fish species and aquatic insects were left high and dry.  What can be done?  Share this on social media, follow the Forks of the Delaware Facebook page for updates, and consider contacting your local elected officials to voice your concern.  While some progress on the issue has been made, this has been a problem for 10+ yrs.

Below Main St Bridge, 9:45 am

Down Stream of Tatamy, 11:45 am

Downstream of Tatamy Bridge 12:45