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Friday, June 5, 2020

Bushkill Creek de-watered again.


This issue is gaining attention, and has been picked up by several media outlets.  If you haven't already, Monocacy TU strongly urges you to contact your elected officials and let them know this is NOT OK. Lets keep the pressure up and fix this issue.

Links to coverage of this issue:

A few articles from the other times this has happened:

We would also like to recognize the work of Forks of the Delaware TU. (Facebook Page HERE)  They have been dealing with, and pushing for a solution to this problem for years.

Original Post:
This has to stop.  See post below and please contact your representative.  This is a CLASS A trout stream and this has happened numerous times over the past few years.
If you need to look up who your elected officials are:

Originally posted by 
Joe Baylog.

On Friday 6/5/20 the Bushkill Creek was de-watered from the Buzzi-Unicem quarry to below the town of Tatamy approximately 1.5 miles. It’s flow was severely diminished as far down as Easton. This is the 3rd such dewatering in the last 3 years resulting in fish kills and totally irresponsible management of a Class A wild brown trout stream. The latest event resulted in the destruction of thousands of wild brown trout, countless macro invertebrates and other aquatic life. This is not fair to the public resource or the landowners and communities down stream and it is truly a disgrace that our regulatory agencies enable this practice.
What is absolutely tragic is this could and should be preventable with proper coordination and leadership.
If you feel this needs to be addressed we urge you to please contact these representatives this week and tell them the Bushkill creek needs to be protected. Also please share this post with as many friends,groups, and public officials as possible.
Thank you.