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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2/26 Meeting: Advanced subsurface tactics

Bob Signorello: Advanced subsurface tactics
Last nights meeting was a fantastic look at some styles of fly fishing that most of us may consider to be something to do to pass the time between hatches.  Although streamer and nymph fishing is experiencing a Renaissance of sorts, it is still an afterthought for most fisherman.  Last night we learned that very often, this is the way to catch more and BIGGER fish. (more after the break)
Bob shows his gear
Steve Vanya ties a Clouser
Using a bit different format than usual, Bob Signorello gave a broad overview of some advanced tactics and setups that can be used with streamers and nymphs, and also touched on gear selection that can make a difference in your success. After about 45 mins., the group was able to visit 4 different stations.  Bob manned a station on gear and answered further questions, Dr. Bob Saks covered "euro" nymphing, Steve Vanya showed how to tie the venerable Clouser Minnow, and Mike Recine had an impressive number of nymphs on hand.  The wealth of fishing knowledge on hand was definitely impressive, and I think that everyone in attendance came away with some new ideas about how to pursue trout wherever they swim.  
Dr. Saks talks 'Euro" nymphing
Mike Recine's Nymph collection