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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

NEW Casting Class May 16th

Lehigh Valley Fly Fishing School’s Fly Casting Course  May 16th

This course is designed for beginners & intermediate fly casters who would like to learn the “Joan Wulff Fly Casting Methodology”. Joan, whose roots are the Catskills, is a professional Fly Casting Instructor and a Fly Casting Tournament Champion. Course is taught by Bob Saks & Bob Signorello.

Here’s the course content and what will be covered:
  1. Proper Mechanics of the Basic Casts
    •    Pickup / Laydown Basic Cast
    •    Backward & Forward Casts with False Casting
    •    Roll Cast (single direction cast)
    •    Fly Cast Loop Control 
  2. Solving Problems with the Basic Casts, including
    •    Poor or inefficient Loops
    •    Accuracy problems
    •    Casting with Weighted Leaders &/or Flies
    •    Dealing with Wind and Obstacles 
  3. Line Management
    •    Creating “Controlled” Slack (needed for Fly Fishing)
    •    Mending Techniques, both during & after the Cast 
  4. Specialty Casts for Accuracy
    •    Used in Advanced Fishing Techniques
    •    For Obstacles 
  5. Special Techniques for Adding Distance
    •    Concepts of Improved Line Speed thru Hauling 

This is an intense 6 hour course on Saturday, May 16th, followed by another optional 4 hour session on Wednesday or Thursday (May 20 or 21) to review what you have learned. The latter will allow us to further evaluate your techniques and things to help you improve.

The course costs in $60.00 per person and the class is limited to 8 adult students who are TU members. You must supply your own Fly Casting outfit and lunch. For safety, a hat and sunglasses are required.

If you are interested, please call Bob Saks at 610-838-2152 or, email him at LVFFS@AOL.COM.