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Monday, September 22, 2014

HB 1565

A potentially harmful Bill(HB1565) has been introduced into the House of Representatives by Maria Hahn (R) Northampton, which, in short, would remove the requirement to leave a 150ft riparian buffer on HQ and EV (exceptional value) streams, when creating a disturbance of 1 or more acres. This would be an change to the clean water act as it stands now. HQ streams make up about 23% of the streams in PA, and EV about 2%. These streams have the best water quality, and often support outstanding wild fish populations. As you may or may not know, riparian buffers (trees, bushes, etc) are the single cheapest and most effective way to reduce/ prevent/ manage storm runoff, pollutants, sedimentation etc. They provide shade and hiding places for fish, bugs and wildlife. Please consider contacting your legislator(s) and let them know you are opposed to HB 1565. You can find your legislator(s) here: CLICK When you get to the home page of your rep./ senator you can click on the little envelope below their picture and send them a message. This Bill already seems to have strong support in the House, so time is important.

Thank you.
Erik Broesicke
President Monocacy Chapter TU