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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chapter Member counts rocks....

60% Chance I fall
1, 2, 3
Dam removal on the Monocacy Creek has been an issue the chapter has been pursuing for some time, and although at times it seems like not much is happening, the wheels are often turning behind the scenes.  If you happened by the dam at Bridle Path Road at the end of June though, you would have seen some actual work being done!  The dam still stands, but the through the efforts of a team from the PFBC, American Rivers, Wildlands Conservancy and Monocacy TU, we now have the required information to apply for the removal permits.  Without going into great detail, measurements of the structure were taken, along with a upstream and downstream profile, and the super exciting task of measuring 200 random pebbles.  The Monocacy Chapter would like to extend a special thanks those that traveled a long way and took time out of their schedules to help us with this project. (All pictures taken by American Rivers and are the property of American Rivers)

200 pebbles?  Really?
Can't we just use a sledge hammer?