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Friday, May 25, 2012

5/22 "Meeting" recap

Ephemerella invaria (rotunda)
Each year for our last meeting, we meet on- stream and fish the "Sulpher" hatch.  Interestingly enough, this is often the least attended meeting of the year.  Go figure.  Last year was.....(click read more below for the rest of the recap)
met with bugs hatching out of high, muddy water. This year was a complete 180.  Great flow, just a slight tinge of color, and TONS of bugs.  The fish were happy.  The handful of "die hard" anglers enjoyed great night of fishing and sharing stories.  Some caught fish on dun patterns, some on spinners (which came down en-mass at dusk), and one angler even caught his first fly rod trout.  The conclusion of this meeting is the confirmation of the amazing resource we have right in our proverbial backyard.  It is not without its problems, but the amount of fish and bugs that were seen this evening proves that it is holding its own.  Thank you to all who attended this and prior meetings.  Stay tuned for next years meeting schedule in late summer.  Tight Lines!!

-Moncacy TU