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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Monocacy TU in crisis

A note from Chapter Vice President Erik Broesicke.

To all Monocacy TU Members:

      Our Chapter has come to a crossroads, and the direction that will be taken lies squarely in the hands of our own membership.  At last nights election meeting we had an attendance of nine (9) out of 180 registered members, and due to the make up of those that made it, we had a pool of nominees which numbered 5.  The Chapter is happy to announce that Dr. Hart was unanimously elected as Treasurer.  Unfortunately the position of President was not filled and our Chapter cannot continue without filling this position.

     This difficult situation begs the question:  Why is it important to have a local TU Chapter?  The short answer is that if the people who are closest to the stream (physically and emotionally) don't take an interest in its well being, no one will.  Our City/ Township/ State governments wont, national organizations wont, and neither will "someone else".  The true power of a grassroots organization like TU lies in the passion of those who are most connected with the cause.  WE have the most to gain and more importantly, the most to lose. As a membership we are blessed to live so close to an amazing resource like Monocacy Creek, which is one of only 56 limestone streams in PA, has an abundant wild trout population, and plenty of access through parks and gracious landowners.  Unfortunately this resource wont maintain itself and will continue to face threats from development, natural forces and other outside influences.   I believe it is the responsibility of those that use the resource to make an effort to give something back by making sure it is protected for future generations. If you value the Monocacy Creek and want to ensure its survival, please consider giving back by taking an active role in the Chapter.
   Between now and our next meeting on Nov. 27th, Dr Hart and I will keep the Chapter running, but  after that the lack of a President will most likely result in our Chapter dissolving.   If you have ANY interest in the Chapter, please attend the next meeting or contact me via the web e-mail:

In closing I would like to personally thank Steve Vanya, Darryl Deihl and Dr. Ted Burger for keeping the Chapter running for the past 20+ years.  We have all benefited from their dedication to the stream and the Trout Unlimited mission.

Erik Broesicke

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

October Chapter Meeting: Marcellus Shale 101 and E-board elections

The Monocacy Chapter of Trout Unlimited will meet this Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 7pm in the DAR House, 8th Ave., Bethlehem. Program: Mitchell R. Blake, Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale Field Organizer for Trout Unlimited will make a 30 minute presentation on Marcellus Shale Development and TU's Coldwater Conservation Corps Program. This presentation will be followed by a general membership meeting which will include the Election of Officers and Board Members. All members and the Board are encouraged to attend this important meeting.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Marcellus Shale 101 presentation

At our October 23rd member meeting, Monocacy TU will be including a 30 min "Marcellus Shale 101" presentation by Mitch Blake.  Mitch is the Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale Field Organizer for Trout Unlimited.  Please join us for this informative presentation.  We will also be holding our annual e-board elections after the presentation.  As always meetings are free and open to the public.  Meeting stats @ 7pm, in Daughters of the American Revolution House at Rose Garden Park, Bethlehem.